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Heating Installation Services

When you require HVAC coverage services, you can trust the qualified technicians at Keep it Cool Air Conditioning & Heating in Texas. Our HVAC technicians in Texas are prepared to handle almost any type of AC, heating, valve, or other maintenance or repair because they have the necessary training, knowledge, and tools. Before beginning repairs, your Keep it Cool Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC technician will go over all of your options with you when they arrive at your house so you can make an informed choice. We service and repair most brands of equipment, so you can count on us to perform exceptional HVAC services in Texas.



✔ Boiler Installations
✔ Furnace Installations
✔ Radiator Installations
Air Conditioners



Furnace Installation Services

Do you need professional furnace installation? One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a heating unit is efficiency. An investment in a high-efficiency system will return your investment many times over in cost savings over the course of the equipment’s lifespan.

Boiler Installation Services

We often find that old boiler systems weren’t installed the first time correctly. Having an expert on your side from start to finish will alleviate issues created by an old installation, ensuring those issues don’t affect the new boiler system and allowing us to make the necessary corrections during our installation.

Radiator Installation Services

It’s hardly possible to overstate the importance of the radiator. If your tractor or commercial truck overheats, it’s related to the radiator. You need to be confident in the performance of your radiator, particularly if it’s installed within your daily driver or you go hard on your equipment on long summer days.

Air Conditioners

Heating Repair Services

No matter how well manufactured, installed, or maintained a heating system is, it can still suffer from an occasional repair need. When you notice trouble with your home’s heating system, don’t delay calling for professionals who can quickly and effectively restore the heater’s capabilities. It’s vital that you act as soon as possible when you need heating repairs since the malfunctions will worsen and turn into more expensive repairs and possibly even the need to replace the system entirely. Make the call to the heating repair team at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating today. We are ready to help keep your home or business warm.



✔ Boiler Repairs
✔ Furnace Repairs
✔ Radiator Repairs



Furnace Repair Services

If you delay calling for furnace repair after detecting something wrong with the system, you could cause even greater problems. Furnaces will not self-repair, and a small malfunction will cause additional stress throughout the other components that will lead to them possibly failing as well.

Boiler Repair Services

Boiler systems can give you a number of different warning signs that require repair work. Listen for unusual sounds from the heater, such as mechanical grinding. Any sound that is out of the ordinary is a good reason to call for technicians to investigate.

Radiator Repair Services

When it comes to fixing your radiator, it’s vitally important that you contact your local experts. Our team of specialists here at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating is happy to undertake your radiator problem, whether it is a major or minor one.

Heating Replacement Services

You may need to replace your furnace if your heating bills are rising for no apparent reason, your home air quality has taken a turn for the worse, or the system is constantly breaking down. And the older your existing unit is, the greater the likelihood that it needs to be replaced. If our technicians think that installing a new heating system is in your best interests, we’ll explain exactly why. When it comes to the condition of your heating systems, the trusted experts at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating can be depended on to handle all of your heating replacement needs.


Air Conditioners


✔ Boiler Replacements
✔ Furnace Replacements
✔ Radiator Replacements



Furnace Replacement Services

Furnace replacement is a major investment for any homeowner, but the expert team at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating can make sure you pay a fair price and receive top-quality service.

Boiler Replacement Services

Boiler installation and maintenance is a vital service for any business, and we are here to help. Our team of certified professionals can install and maintain any type of boiler, from commercial to industrial. We also offer a variety of other commercial services, including boiler repair, boiler replacement, and boiler maintenance.

Radiator Replacement Services

Our technicians are knowledgeable in all things radiator repair and maintenance. If you are experiencing any of the following, bring your system to Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating to prevent further damage.

Air Conditioners

Heating Troubleshooting Services

Your home’s heating system is one of the most important appliances in your home. When the temperatures drop below normal, you need a reliable furnace that will provide consistent heat and comfort. There’s no better way to prep your furnace for the winter weather than by scheduling a furnace tune-up at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating! Why? Furnace maintenance will find any small problems before they become larger, costlier issues down the line. If you could prevent a complete furnace breakdown, wouldn’t you? Give us a call today to prevent costly repairs or damage to your heating systems.



✔ Boiler Troubleshooting
✔ Furnace Replacements
✔ Radiator Troubleshooting



Furnace Troublehsooting Services

When your furnace is inspected and maintained regularly, our furnace technicians will spot smaller problems before they become larger and more costly issues, like a complete breakdown. This will allow our clients to make an educated decision regarding how to proceed regarding their furnace.

Boiler Troubleshooting Services

We have found that well-maintained boiler systems seldom break down. In fact, most failures are directly related to a lack of regular maintenance we don’t want your boiler to break down on the coldest day of the year!

Radiator Troubleshooting Services

Don’t neglect your radiator. Without proper radiator maintenance, you might experience a midseason breakdown that will leave your family in the cold. Call the professionals at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating today!

Heating Maintenance

An overworked and underperforming heating unit can be a sign that your system requires heating repairs or that you need to replace your current unit. Proper heating maintenance procedures can mean less money out of your pocket and an increased lifespan of your system. This helps minimize high electric bills and lowers the risk of emergency repairs, overhauls, and replacements. To avoid extra costs and keep your system running as efficiently as possible, consider these heating maintenance procedures. The professionals at Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating will take care of you.


Air Conditioners


✔ Boiler Maintenance
✔ Furnace Maintenance
✔ Radiator Maintenance



Furnace Mainteance Services

Like any other part of the home, the furnace has to be taken care of properly. The better care you can provide, the more effectively your system performs and the longer it will last. If you are unsure of the specifics of gas or electric furnace maintenance, trust Keep It Cool Air Conditioning & Heating to manage all the details.

Boiler Maintenance Services

It’s a good idea to schedule your boiler maintenance before the start of the winter season to make sure your unit is in working order and ready to handle the colder weather. You may also choose to have it inspected in the spring to make sure your system hasn’t incurred any damages during use and is ready and waiting once winter arrives again.

Radiator Maintenance Services

We put such an emphasis on radiator maintenance because it provides a vital check on all moving parts of your system to ensure everything is working properly. Our maintenance service helps to catch potential issues before they become major, costly repairs.

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